For various reasons you may want to record a baseline assessment for a child or group of children, for example, when you first on-board with eyLog, when a child starts at the nursery or at the beginning of each term. A baseline assessment provides an overall summary of the child’s current development and generates a starting point for the child’s progress tracker.

Choose a child and click ‘New Observation’.

In the ‘Observation’ box type ‘Baseline Assessment’ or something similar. Note: This section is mandatory.

Then tap the ‘EYFS Assessment’ section. Select an Area, then an Aspect and mark the applicable Age Band as Emerging, Developing or Secure depending on your professional judgement. Note: You do not need to select a specific statement, you are simply showing an overall summary of the child’s current development against that Aspect.

Continue to add an assessment level against the appropriate Age Band for each of the 17 Aspects of the EYFS framework.

When you have finished, click ‘Done’ then publish the observation to the child’s learning journey.

This will create a baseline for the child’s current and future development and will also be reflected in the progress trackers and summative reports.