Yes. Observation errors such as framework assessments, time and date, text and media can all be edited easily at any time from the Manager Dashboard, even after an observation has been published.

Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Children’ tab at the top of the screen. Then c
hoose the child whose observation needs editing and from their profile click on ‘Learning Journey’.

In their learning journey find the observation that is incorrect and click on the 'Edit' button at the top (next to the practitioner’s name). From here you can edit any of the areas from the original observation including date and time, media, observation text and assessment framework links and add more details regarding any of the above if required. You can also delete the entire observation if necessary by clicking on ‘Delete’ at the bottom of the screen. Once you have made all the required changes, click on ‘Publish’ to resubmit the updated information to the learning journey. Alternatively you can use the ‘Change to Draft’ button to make the observation available to staff members again on the tablets.

Note: This function to edit a published observation is not available on the tablets unless the observation is changed to a draft status again from the Manager's Dashboard.

If an observation has been published to the wrong child or completed using the wrong staff login, please contact the eyLog Support Team via the ‘Help and Support’ tab on the left side of your Manager Dashboard screen and send us an email with the current and correct observation details.