A child’s Learning Journey can be viewed at any point. It shows a list of all the observations published for that child.

Select the child from the Children’s List screen and click on the ‘Learning Journey’ button in the taskbar.

Observations for the child will be listed in reverse chronological order. The media is displayed on the left with the Observation/Evaluation/Next Steps/Additional Notes/Staff Insights on the right and the EYFS/additional framework assessments underneath. Press each tab to view the recorded text for Analysis, Next Steps, etc. Note: Only sections that are populated will be displayed.  

To view any media files contained in the observation, tap the thumbnail of the media to open it in an enlarged view in which the photo/videos/audio can be browsed.

Comments can also be added to an observation in the Learning Journey. Click on the ‘Comments’ section under the relevant observation, write your comment, then press the arrow button to publish.

Parents will be notified via email and their mobile app if a comment is added to their child’s learning journey.

The Learning Journey can also be filtered by the tags available in the Observation screen. Click on the list icon in the top right next to the logged in practitioner’s name and select the tags you wish to view.