One of the benefits of eyLog is that it can be used offline. Therefore, if you are in an area where there is no WiFi connectivity (e.g. rooms far away from the WiFi router, outdoors, etc.), you can still use the application to create a new observation, take photos/videos/audio clips, complete observation texts and link to EYFS achievements. Once the observation is saved as a draft or submitted, it is then put into the upload queue until the tablet has sufficient WiFi to upload the observation to the server, which will be done automatically.

If an observation does not appear in the Drafts List, it is possible that it is in the upload queue. To check the ‘Upload Queue’, from the Children List screen click on the overflow menu (the three green lines on the far right of the taskbar).

Note: The upload queue is specific to each tablet therefore you will only see items in the queue that have been submitted on this tablet.