Daily Diary options available on your nursery’s tablet application can be edited easily at any time from the Manager Dashboard. To change the daily diary settings follow the steps below:

1. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘System Settings’ tab located in the top right hand corner once you have hovered over your initials.

2. Make sure the ‘Daily Diary and Registers’ tab is selected. 

3. From here you can choose to enable/ disable the Daily Diary and Registry features on eyLog. You can also customise the field name for most of the Daily Diary sections and determine the visibility to certain fields within these sections to suit the needs of your setting.

4. You can also remove entire sections by ticking the ‘Remove/Hide’ checkbox in the top right corner of that area.

5. Then click ‘Submit’ and the customised settings will be saved for the Daily Diaries.

Once you have submitted your customisations, remember to press ‘Update Settings’ on the Staff List screen, on all your tablets. This will update the application with any new Daily Diary settings.