New staff members/practitioners can be added easily at any time from the Manager Dashboard. To add a practitioner follow the steps below:

1. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Practitioners’ tab at the top of the screen. 


2. From this screen, click on ‘Add New’

3. You can now fill in details for the new practitioner including name, CRB number and a photograph. You will need to use the managers email address as all other email IDs will have been disabled.

4. You will also need to assign the member of staff to a group, otherwise their profile will not appear on the tablet even when refreshed. Click on ‘Select Group’ to see the drop down list and select from the groups within the nursery.


5. Key children can also be assigned at this stage, or can be added later if required. Click on ‘Select Children’ to see the drop down list and select from the children within the nursery. Multiple children can be assigned to a member of staff by ticking the box next to each child’s name.


6. Finally you need to determine whether this staff member is authorised to publish observations by ticking the top checkbox. If they are a junior member of staff and you wish their observations to be submitted for review prior to publishing, leave the box unchecked.

You can also determine whether this practitioner is authorised to review observations made by other members of staff by ticking the lower checkbox. Note: If you tick this box the top checkbox MUST also be selected, which the system will do automatically.

Then click ‘Submit’ and the staff member will appear on the Practitioners screen on your Manager Dashboard.

Remember to  ‘Refresh’  the Staff List screen on all your tablets by dragging the screen down. This will update the application with any new practitioners’ profiles.

Note: New practitioners’ PIN codes will be sent to the manager email entered when adding their profile.