The Global Settings page allows the user to change certain nursery settings. Anything set up in global settings will be pushed through to all the nursery's branches (to only change settings for one branch, go the the system settings). From the home page, the user can access the global settings by clicking the arrow button in the top right-hand corner of the page. This opens a menu, as shown below (left).

Clicking on the Global Settings menu option opens a new page containing a menu running down the left-hand side of the screen, as shown above (right). This menu contains the company-wide details:

  • Activities and Pay Types
  • Products and Services
  • Document Types
  • Event Types
  • Rooms
  • Tags Setting
  • GoCardless Settings
  • Payment Gateway Settings
  • Other Settings, which includes Enquiries, Payment Mode, HR Settings and Notifications

The company admin has access to all these global settings. HR admin has access to all the settings related to staff (activities and pay types, document types, event types, tags setting and other settings - job title) and the accounts admin has access to all the settings related to the nursery finances (products and services, tags settings, GoCardless settings, payment gateway settings and other settings - payment mode).