Activity Record          
A report showing a list of children scheduled on a selected day with space to write any activities.
Events Report
A report on events recorded for children which can be filtered to a specific event. 
Allergies Report
A report that can be filtered by room of children and their dietary requirements, medical notes, and allergies.
Leavers Performance Report
A report showing children who have left during the selected period with their reason for leaving and sibling details. 
Child Nappy Record
A printable register and checklist for practitioners to manually enter when carrying out nappy checks.
Meal Details
A weekly breakdown of selected products/services totals allocated per child on a daily basis. This can be used specifically for meal orders or for any other products/services. 
Child Sleep Record
A printable register and checklist for practitioners to manually enter when monitoring sleeping children. 
Parent Emails Report
A list of children with their respective parent email details.


Children Birthdays
A list of children who have their birthdays within the selected date range, giving their date of birth and age. 
Register Report
A printable register report that can be generated by room and selective dates as a daily, weekly or weekday report to show the children scheduled for the respective days. 
Child Room Movement
A report of the suitable rooms for a child based on their calculated age as of a selected date and the age range (in months) of the rooms. 
Sun Cream Report
A printable report used to note when sun cream is applied to a child.


Children Without Booking
A report of children who do not have a booking schedule for a selected week, excluding children marked as on holiday or term-time only children, where applicable. 
Tags Report
A report showing all children for a selected branch (or all branches) and their associated tags.


Emergency Contacts 
An emergency contacts list for children which can be filtered by room.