When eyMan is set up for your nursery, the Support Team will create a Demo Child, a Demo Staff and a Demo Room to allow users to work on the system and get a hands-on experience without affecting an actual child or staff information.

The ‘Staff’ option on the main menu, displays a list of all the staff that are currently working in the nursery.

To search for a staff, click on the search icon  in the top right corner to expand the search bar and enter full or partial detail for the staff.

Please see an explanation of the different icons on the list screen explained below.

Top right corner of the profile shows the days of the current week the staff member is scheduled in for sessions at the nursery, in this example, Anna Smith is booked in for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

 indicates the primary email address used by the staff member

Note: this is the ID used for the staff member to login 

 indicates the position of the staff member

 Indicates the room or group the staff member is assigned to

Select to schedule day/hours the staff is booked in for

Select to edit the profile of the staff member.


To add a new staff profile, click the  icon in the top right corner of the screen.

On the staff members profile, all personal information can be logged and the staff member can be assigned to a room/group and linked to a key worker at the nursery. Additional information such as Next of Kin, general details and payroll details can also be recorded.

From the profile, the staff member can be scheduled to different sessions types, and any relevant documents can be uploaded.

  1. Enter the title and full name for the staff member
  2. This is the unique reference number that is automatically generated by the eyMan system and assigned to the staff member when they are added to the system.
  3. Select the gender of the staff member
  4. Select the marital status of the staff member
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Select the position of the staff member - changes access level
  7. Additional role
  8. Contract type
  9. Salaried
  10. Start date and leave date
  11. Preferred activity
  12. Select the room the staff member works in
  13. Enter the staff members address/postcode details
  14. Enter the staff members phone number
  15. Tick the 'Login Allowed' to allow access to eyMan for the staff member
  16. Enter the level of the staff
  17.  Enter the National Insurance number of the staff member
  18.  Enter the DBS number of the staff member
  19.  Enter the Hourly Cost Uplift for the staff member
  20.  Enter the Hourly Basic Rate of the staff member
  21.  Mark the staff as Term Time Only - staff marked as TTO will not be scheduled on dates outside of term time
  22.  Mark staff as temp or casual
  23.  Mark staff as acitve - Inactive staff will not appear in the staff screen, schedule or occupancy
  24. Enter the details for the staff members next of kin
  25.  Select this tick box if you would like to allow the staff member to publish observations
  26. Select this tick box if you would like to allow the staff member to review observations
  27. ‘Cancel’ will exit, ‘Reset’ will clear all data and ‘Save’ will save the document type and exit to the Children list view. If the ‘Previous’ button is clicked, this takes user to the previous page which is the child profile page. If the ‘Next’ tab is clicked, this will save all the information input on this page and take the user into the next section which is the ‘General Details’.

General Details

  1. Enter the ethnic origin of the staff member
  2. Enter the religion of the staff member
  3. Enter Disabled Reg Number (if applicable) 
  4. Select ESOL (good, average or poor)
  5. Enter nationality of staff member
  6. Enter cultural preferences for staff member
  7. Enter staff member's first language 
  8. Enter details of disability 
  9. Enter details of dependants 
  10. Enter dietary requirements
  11. Enter medical requirements
  12. Enter additional learning needs
  13. Enter additional social needs
  14. Tick boxes to mark staff as shown
  15. Click update to save

  1.  Enter the payroll company used to pay the staff member.
  2.  Enter payroll ID of staff member
  3.  Enter the staff member's bank name
  4.  Enter the staff member's bank account name
  5.  Enter the staff member's bank account number
  6.  Enter the staff member's bank sort code