The child scheduling screen allow you to book all sessions for the child over a defined period.

  1. By default, the child schedule screen shows a weekly calendar view. To change the view to either daily or monthly, click on the ‘Day’ or ‘Month’ buttons in the top right corner of the page.
    • Note: Booking a session can only be completed from the week view.
  2. Click in the ‘all-day’ bar at the top to create an all-day event such as holiday or sickness. There is also an option to exclude this session (if booked) from invoice.
  3. To book a session, on the calendar click a time slot on the relevant day or click and drag down to select an extended time slot for a day.

Note: The time slot selection is available per day only but can be assigned to multiple days in the ‘Book a Session’ screen.

If a preferred session was selected on the child profile, the ‘Book a Session’ screen is pre-populated with the preferential session type detail including session times. Else, the time slots selected from the calendar will be populated and the session type can be selected can be from the drop down list.

Next enter the start and finish dates for the booking of this type of session and select which, if any, days the session needs to be repeated on throughout the week. 

Note: If a repetition is chosen, the finish date will pre-populate to the child's calculated leave date.

Other products/services that have been made available on the staff scheduling screen from the ‘System Settings’ can also be included in the booking here, before saving.

If the nursery has sessions that are regarded as an extra or adhoc session and therefore need to be excluded from funding, then the ‘Extra Sessions’ check box needs to also be ticked.   

Once all the bookings are saved, these will appear on the Child Scheduling screen as shown below. Here we can see that the child Olivia Lane has been booked in for three full day sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am to 6pm and another adhoc session on Wednesday from 8am to 12 noon.

The Wednesday session is considered an extra session and is excluded from funding.