When a new enquiry is made for a place at the nursery, basic details for the child can be registered on eyMan. After the enquiry is created, the child can then progress through to Waitlisted if the room/group has no vacancy at the time and/or later Enrolled or Not Enrolled. A list of these children can be seen from the ‘Enquiries’ option on the main menu.

Select the  icon to quickly enrol a child and allocate them a room                               .

Select the  icon to view the enquiry details of an individual child.

Children can also be enrolled and allocated Rooms/ Groups by clicking on the

Select the  icon the edit a child enquiry.

Click the  icon the delete a child’s enquiry.

To create a new child as an enquiry, click on the  icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a screen as shown below where the user can enter the details for the child and parent.