This sections is used to create, view, edit or delete a user on the eyMan system. Once users have been created, this screen will be populated with their details as show below.

Select the   icon to view an existing user in more detail.

Select the  icon to edit an existing users details.

Select the  icon to delete an existing user.

Select the  icon to resend an activation link users that are marked as ‘Inactive’

To create a new user, click the  icon in the top right corner of the screen. Please see an explanation of the different fields on this screen explained below.

  1. Enter the First name of the user

  2. Enter the Last name of the user

  3. Enter a unique email ID that they will use to login to the eyMan system

  4. Select a role from the drop down menu, this will determine the level of access and security the user has:

    • Company Administrator

    • Nursery Manager

    • Nursery Administrator

    • HR Supervisor

    • HR Standard

    • Accounts Administrator

    • Area Manager

  5. Assign the user to branch(es).