Additional services offered by the nursery can be added as a chargeable or non-chargeable product or service. These can be incorporated into the child scheduling screen where they will be invoiced automatically through the child’s monthly invoice or a manual invoice can be created for an additional service as required.  

Products can be defined as either an Inventory or a Service.

- Inventory could be chosen when there is stock associated with this, e.g. items such as Nappy, Wipes, Sun cream etc.

- Additional products offered for parents such as such as Breakfast, Lunch, Tea etc. could be classed as Services.

To create a new product/service, click the  icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Product/Service Create pop up box as shown below.

Enter the Name and Description of the product/service. Select whether the product is a Service or Inventory and if applicable add a Default Price and Default Cost. Other options include whether the price is included in the session rates and whether the product/service is available on the child scheduling screen to add to a session booking.

Once all the additional services are added, the Product and Services screen is populated with a list view as below. The service called Breakfast as shown below, has been added to be available in the child scheduling screen whereas the Late Fee service would need to be invoiced manually.

To search for a product or service, enter full or partial detail in any of the blank fields.