The Rooms or Groups in this section should also have been set up in accordance with what has been provided to the Support Team on the set-up form. In addition to this there will also be a Demo Room set up for you for trial and demo purposes.

Select the  icon to view an existing group in more detail.

Select the  icon to edit an existing group.

Select the  icon to delete an existing user.

To create another group or room, click on the  sign in the top right corner of the screen.

As shown below, there is also an option to move children automatically between groups by age. If this is enabled, children automatically move into the next room when they reach the the specified age.

If the user chooses to delete a room, this will also unlink all the children and staff assigned to this room or group.

Below are the options when the user chooses to create a Room/Group.

  1. Choose a name for the room.
  2. Choose a description for the room.
  3. Specify a Lower Age for children in the room. The age must be specified in months.
  4. Specify an Upper Age for children in the room. The age must be specified in months. 
  5. Specify the maximum number of children that the room can hold.
  6. This is the chosen colour for the room that helps to identify the room in the main Rooms/Group view.
  7. If this box is ticked, the room will be included on occupancy charts and the 'Occupancy' section of the Dashboard. This enables you to add rooms such as 'Office', and assign staff to this room, but is not included in any occupancy or various reporting functionalities.
  8. ‘Cancel’ will exit the session edit, ‘Reset’ will clear all data and ‘Save’ will save the session and exit to the Session Types list view.